Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice

Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice is not a traditional Japanese dish. It was rather invented in Japanese sushi restaurants in America to fit to the palette of American customers. It has become quite popular as an appetizer dish in recent years.

It is relatively a simple dish utilizes sushi ingredients. The sushi rice is pan fried to be crispy in texture, and the spicy tuna that is used in spicy tuna sushi rolls is placed on top of the crispy rice.

STCR Ingredients


Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice


  1. Get 3 cups of white rice and wash it. Add 3 cups of water and cook in the rice cooker.
  2. Put the rice in a bowl and sprinkle rice vinegar over it. Then start mixing it by using a wooden spatula. Mix them by using a cutting motion. Do not stir the rice. Then let it sit covered.
  3. Dice the tuna until they are mashed. Set them aside in a bowl
  4. Put sriracha and japanese kewpie mayo into a bowl to mix. Adjust to taste.
  5. Mix the spicy mayo sauce with tuna. then drizzle a tablespoon of sesame oil.
  6. After the rice has cooled down, take a chunk of the rice and form it into a circle shape. Easy way to do this is using a cookie cutter.
  7. Cook the circle-shaped rice pieces in a pan with oil on medium heat. Cook them until they are golden brown on both sides.
  8. Dice chives into very fine slices.
  9. Put the spicy tuna mix on top of the crispy rice with a spoon. Then sprinkle chives on top. Take a little bit of tobiko and put them on top. Lastly, drizzle unagi sauce over them.